Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Principal Sponsors

For the reception, each sponsor were introduced with a little introduction read by the host. We chose our second parents with utmost care, each person were decided upon their contribution in our growth as an individual, and now as a witness as a couple. They also served as a witness for the union of both me and hubby during the wedding day.

The Introductions as red by the host are as follows:

Mr. Bienvenido Delgado
is a very good friend of our groom’s father. He is likewise, the confirmation godfather of Karl Kelvin. Ninong Bienvenido’s son, Michael, also used to be the classmate of Karl Kelvin in Xavier School.

Mrs. Zenaida Javier-Uy
is another close family friend of the groom’s parents. She is described by Karl Kelvin as a successful cardiologist who always gives premium to everyone’s health. Ninang Zenaida is a member of the prayer meeting group, “ICTHUS” in which the father of our groom is also actively participating.

Mr. Alfonso Ching and Mrs. Felisa Ching
are also the baptismal godparents of Karl Kelvin. Already based in Vancouver, Canada for years, they are among our long list of guests, who took their time out just to be present here tonight. Our groom shares that Mr. and Mrs. Ching have always been the warmest people, who always make sure that their trips in Canada are fun, memorable and worthwhile.

Mr. Jacky Wong Manchit and Mrs. Betty Wong
is coming fresh all the way from Hong Kong. Mr. Jacky Wong Manchit is a successful businessman in the former British colony while Ninang Betty is actually the sister of our groom’s father. Karl Kelvin recalls, Mr. and Mrs. Wong always bring them to the best places in Hong Kong whenever our groom and his family go there for a vacation.

Mr. Manuel Sia and Mrs. Anita Sia
are the parents of Karl Kelvin’s high school classmate, Mark. Our groom recalls that back during those days, he used to hang out in Mr. and Mrs. Sia’s house to eat good food and finish their assignments, that is, above many things.

Charles Chua substituted Mr. Carlos Teng

Mr. Carlos Teng
is a long time friend of the groom’s family who is based in Legaspi City, Albay. He is also a successful businessman, managing his own trucking company, to which Karl Kelvin’s family is subscribing to.

Mrs. Lily Lee
According to our bride, Melissa, our 5th Ninang is someone who has natural elegance, youthful beauty and immense humility and hospitality. For so many years, Melissa has gathered a lot of fond memories with Ninang Lily, the mother of Melissa’s best friend, Ciara. Aside for being a permanent fixture in their household, Melissa has found a 2nd home and a 2nd mother, who has provided her with guidance and love throughout the years.

Dr. Ong Soon Chao and Dra. Luisa Ong
Dr. Ong Soon Chao is a Nephrologist, practising in The Medical Center of Mesquite and Mesquite Community Hospital in Dallas; while Dra. Luisa Ong, is a Cardiologist in The Medical City of Dallas and Baylor Hospital of Plano. They are also Melissa’s baptismal godparents who, through the years, have witnessed the coming of age of our bride. 

Mr. Albert Ang and Mrs. Valentina Ang
Being a close friend of our bride’s father since their childhood days, Ninong Albert is someone who has seen Melissa blossom through the years. Ninang Valentina, on the other hand, is someone who shares so many interesting similarities with our bride Melissa. To mention a few, both of them were born on Valentine’s day, and both of them share the passion for the arts, being interior designers, and even coming from the same school.

Mr. Henry Sopiaksiu and Mrs. Betty Sopiaksiu

are the parents of Melissa’s college best friend, Hannah, our Maid of Honor tonight. Melissa recalls the times when she used to spend overnights in their residence, to finish assignments and plates up for submission. According to our bride, Ninong Henry is a multi-lingual speaker, proficient in Fookien, Mandarin, Filipino and English; while Ninang Betty is the ever supportive wife behind the successful husband. She believes in the principle of practicality never fails to remind our bride to have a positive outlook and to enjoy life to the fullest.   

Wedding Details in Snapshots- Preparation

Our Wedding Details in some snapshots...



Asian Modern Inspired. This is made by Veluz. Sketched by yours truly. I love an Asian detail that will be striking and would not overpower the dress. A obi belt with embroidery and an origami back is the perfect way to express... Asian


* Cords


* Rings

* Coins

* Bible


* Our Invites- Classic


Our Misalette

I just unearthed our misalette from our wedding 2006.

it was nice to take a look at the things we have promised before God during that time of our life

Lovingly typed and printed by the Ong Family :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Karl gave me a bouquet a few days after Valentines...

I admit that I was a wee bit disappointed because everything was pretty much regular on the Hearts day... (That's the downside to having Valentines as your birthday. You expect more heheh!)

Thanks Bibi... :)))
TO many more years of blissful-ness...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Honeymoon Pics

ALready two months back in the Philippines from our honeymoon in hawaii....

I have tried to categorize pictures for easier viewing....

We actually went to our honeymoon the morning after of our reception... We had avery loooong flight and a looonger waiting time at the Japan airport... So the first part of our pix were from the Japan airport and Hawaii pier (The Aloha Tower).

The 1st week of our honeymoon was spent mainly on the boat which started sailing on May 2007. It was quite a new ship and was called Pride of Hawaii. We also spent some time on the land during the cruise time and we joined some of the land tours in Maui (specifically the Maui Ocean Center, Iao Valley and of course, the ever-famous Luau!) and Kona (for the Atlantic submarine). We spent the last day of the cruise week at the ship.

For the 4-day, 3 nights left of our vacation in Oahu, we checked in at the Ohana East hotel which overlooked the King's Palace and 2 blocks away from Waikiki Beach. We spent a great part of our time in Oahu at the biggest mall, Ala Moana. :)))

It was a relaxing vacation all in all except for the travelling time :O hehe! Oh well, we can't have it all...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2nd Prenup

We had another prenup with Kenneth Uy

More pics to chose from hehehe!
Coco Grill Tarlac

Finalizing our program sequence already and AVP pix for the AVP maker. I am quite confused because there are lots of pictures on my side while Karl has just a few.. Still searching for baby pix and friends pix...he is not into taking picures daw kasi before :0

We will be getting the invitations this saturday... Hopefully that's the final date

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Back at last!

I was having a hard time putting in posts for awhile because of cookie settings...

anyway, the updates are...
For the requirements...
we were able to go to the family planning seminar and had my confirmation as well...
@ St. Michael's Church

Wedding banns are already picked up from the parish church...

For the cake, we settled with French Kiss... :) Cross my fingers...

We also had our 2nd meeting with the coordinator. The program is finally taking shape. :)

Renovation for our room (Yes...just a room hehe!) is doing ok i think... Karl is the one supervising it... Dress for my mom is finalized... Got her measurements taken already. Next would be my dad.

Brothers had their measurements taken as well...